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If you are planning to buy a home or sell your house in Anaheim, you need a great Anaheim Real Estate agent to help you. Just like in any other profession, no two Real Estate Agents are alike. People often think all agents do the same things and therefore we’re all the same. But nothing could be further from the truth. That would be like saying all doctors are the same, all dentists are the same and so on.

I think one very important factor that makes one Anaheim Real Estate Agent stand above the others is city knowledge. You may be thinking there are many traits that make a great Real Estate Agent, and you would be right. Also, I think at the end of the day a Real Estate Agent needs an in depth knowledge of the city or area that they are helping clients purchase a home and move into, or sell a house and move away from. For both of these functions, having an agent with a solid knowledge of Anaheim is crucial.

Anaheim Real Estate is very different from area to area and from zip code to zip code and great Anaheim Real Estate Agents will know this. Anaheim was originally comprised of citrus orchards and farms…lots of them. If you have ever done an internet search for Anaheim and seen some of the old photographs, you would know what I am referring to. I actually have a video of old Anaheim located on my YouTube Channel that you can watch Anaheim Video.

The original homes in the City of Anaheim were spread out along what were dirt roads going between the farms. Some of the original homes in Anaheim were and still are in the downtown area by the City Hall complex that was built a number of years ago. Anaheim Real Estate Agents of old sold quite a few homes to those who were displaced by the City hall complex when it was built. On the other hand, I would say the newest housing developments in Anaheim as a whole are lofts.

As a 40 year resident of the city I have seen many different economies and Real Estate markets.  More important than that, there are very few parts of the City of Anaheim I have not visited and previewed homes in. As an Anaheim Real Estate Agent, I preview homes weekly and this one part of my profession as a Realtor has taken me to virtually every part of the City of Anaheim. Not only have I had the opportunity to preview homes, also I have had the opportunity to keep current on the amenities different areas of Anaheim has to offer.

In addition to helping clients locate the particular type of home or investment property they are looking for, I also help them determine what amenities certain areas offer for their lifestyle. For example if someone was looking for a loft in the downtown area where there are a lot of places to eat and shop, we might look at lofts in this area. If someone was a commuter and looking at lofts with easy freeway access, we might look at a  different area.

Great Real Estate agents know these things about the areas in which they work, and help their clients make the best decision possible for themselves by offering solid facts and detailed area knowledge. You do want these traits in an agent, don’t you?

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